Uncle Nanci and Aunt Steve

You may think that I have their titles mixed up but they are correct. There is a story behind this mix-up. I will bark it really quick. My foster parents were learning to yip and yap in Spanish and when they were trying to decide who they would be to me, they agreed they would call themselves my aunt and uncle. Aunt is tía in Spanish and uncle is tío. When yipping away in Spanish, Stephen mistakenly called Nanci, Tío Nanci or Uncle Nanci who then yipped back, well that makes you Tía Stephen or Aunt Stephen. They had a good howling and their names have stayed that way ever since.

Me at my aunt’s and uncle’s home

My uncle Nanci is a wonderful cook. She mixes up delicious treats and tidbits. When I think about her goodies I start to feel hungry. She is a great digger in the garden and she gets results. She is really creative just like God. God makes masterpieces in the sky and in landscapes, people and animals and uncle Nanci makes masterpieces with God’s materials.

My aunt Steve is also very creative like God. He is fantastic at creating objects out of God’s wood. He can chew through wood faster than anything alive. He has made many great projects.

I am sure that they both make God very proud.

When I was little they played with me all the time and later when I would visit them at their house, they would always play with me many times more. They would toss toys and sticks for me to fetch. I would run like the wind and catch whatever they threw. They would howl with laughter, watching me speed around the yard, stop, and turn on a coin. Later when they rested, I would chew on some sticks and leftover project wood. I don’t know why they needed to rest I was the one doing all the running.

The small wood burner .

If the day was cold and rainy, Aunt Steve would build a fire in the fireplace and we would cuddle together in our pack and share the warmth. On good days we would often lay around a campfire in the garden. These are very fond memories.

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