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Baby me

On November 2nd 2016, A tiny Cocker Spaniel puppy with pinkish-tan fur and white patches was born in Cuenca, Ecuador. Yes, that is me.😊 I’m the kind of dog that has long floppy ears, wavy fur and long feathery hair on my legs and tail. 🐶

Shhh! I am going to share a secret. The next day, November 3rd, is my city’s birthday and there are many parties and parades. I tell everyone, the parties and parades are in honor of my birthday. I feel extra special and get many pats and pettings. If you’re going to bark about something, bark it load and bark it proud! 🙈

Sleeping in the park

My first family

When I was only a few months old, I was separated from my doggy litter. Thanks, to God, I was placed into foster care with a wonderful loving American couple where I learned to mind my P’s and Q’s*. They gave me the name, Lollipop. 🍭 Can you imagine?

I lived like Eve in a back yard “Garden of Eden” with many plants, trees, flowers and bushes, woody sticks and tasty goodies. To this very day I stay in touch with them. They are my Uncle Nanci and Aunt Stephen.💑

* Mind your P’s and Q’s is an English language expression meaning “mind your manners”, “mind your language”, “be on your best behavior”, “watch what you’re doing”.

My Dad

After a little while in foster care, I was adopted by my Dad. He had two dwarf lionhead bunnies who would become my half-brothers. In the beginning, I was afraid, lonely and blue. I just wanted to hide in the corner. I was confused and my little heart was broken..💔😭

As the days passed by, my new dad, half-brothers and I all got to know each other better and better. So I felt loved and protected again.😍😜 I learned a lot of tricks and orders and I was treated with new goodies. Canadian ones. I sniffed noses with my two bunny brothers, Goth and Blizzard and we played together.🐰🐰 Sadly, Goth passed away some months later.👼

Thank God, I’m a Country Dog

A few years later we all moved to property that Dad bought in the countryside. It was a lifelong dream that Dad had since he was a child. We were living in a shipping container and remodeling it into a home. The time that I spent there was nice. I played under the shiny sun every day. I had long naps on the grass and sniffed out a lot of new adventures.🐶🐾 But Dad had bad times because his agreements were not honored. We did not have the services we were promised and needed. In the end we had to move back to the city. Those days where darker in his life, because his dreams crumbled and his money too.💰 😭

God knocks on Dad’s heart

Dad was sad and did not enjoy the time in the city like in the past. God kept us all together so I didn’t know why? Then he started to attend a small Christian church in my hometown.✞🙏 He began studying a book named the Bible. Soon, his smile returned to his face again and I felt happier too.😇

Dad’s church and friends.

Good Bye, Ecuador

A little more than a year later, dad decided to go back to his homeland and start all over again. Just how he did in my country. So, in November 2018, both of us left Ecuador. Blizzard had to stay in Ecuador because traveling on a plane was too dangerous for him. He is safe with a well-known friend and we exchange tons of pictures with each other.✈🐶🐰

Now, I’m a Canadian Eh!

I like living in Canada but I miss many things and the people from my own country. I know that everything happens for a reason. Dad is working hard on his own personal website, sharing his experiences and knowledge of the Bible. I want to be just like my dad and do the very same thing, except I want to encourage the little ones like myself. My view of Jesus Christ and the Bible is different but just as true as my dad’s views are. Check out my mission .✞😍

One day I hope my dad and I can travel back to Cuenca to visit my aunt and uncle, Blizzard and my pack.✈🐰😍

Me in my pajamas, playing in the snow for the first time.

Your friend in Christ, Ginger  

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