My pack

I am a very friendly but shy young pup and I have earned many companions. I have more, young little friends than I have older ones. In my country, my dad taught children to bark in English but he first had to learn to be very gentle and patient with them. I have learned a lot by watching my dad closely.

I earned my first companion when I was just a wee little pup living at my foster home. He is the neighbor’s dog and his name is Lukie. He is a light brown adult dog who is very protective of me.  We played a little but he is more interested in treats and food than playing. We sniffed each other whenever I visited Uncle Nanci and Aunt Steve’s home. He barks loud and proud letting the whole neighborhood know that we arrived and announces when we leave. He protects us from any bullies and stays with us at the bus stop until we catch our ride back home. He is so nice and gentle with us!


The neighbor on the other side of my foster parents house, has a dog named Marley. He is a huge, old and black, Brazilian Mastiff. When he barks, it is with authority. His bark is really loud and it makes the ground and my body shake. When you get to know him you soon discover he is a gentle ole soul. Lukie likes to run up to the fence and pick a fight with Marley. They each try to out bark the other and show who the neighborhood boss is. I wonder if it would be different if Marley did not have a fence holding him back.

Marley barking

Many of you know that I have two half-brothers named Blizzard and Goth.

Goth got his name for the black makeup like fur around his eyes, just like the Goth people paint black around their eyes. He was mostly white but also had black markings on his back. He had brown eyes and was really cute. Sadly, about a year after I joined the pack family he died. He got so sick when he ate wet alfalfa hay. It was a tough time for all of us. We had a small ceremony for him and he was buried in the garden. We planted a beautiful pink flower above his grave. One day our hope is that we will meet again with God, our Father in Heaven.

Goth sitting in a cozy sink.

Blizzard was named because he is as white as a snow storm. His eyes are red like the devil. He has just a touch of grey on his ears and on his nose. We liked to play chase in the garden. I would chase him and suddenly he would stop, turn around and chase me. He always seemed to get more food than I did. Dad would cut fresh lettuce for him, carrots, celery, banana, papaya peels, fennel, cabbage and all sorts of fresh herbs. I would beg for some of Blizzard’s food and dad would laugh at me and say, “you don’t like this stuff”. I would eat it just to prove him wrong.   Blizzard and I have a strange relationship. Many other dogs would rather eat Blizzard than be friends. When I first met Blizzard, I was smaller than he was and if I got to rough when we were playing, he would put me in my place. His teeth were not just for eating. We grew up trusting each other. One day when I was sleeping in the sun, Blizzard hopped over and fell asleep right next to me, in between my front and rear legs. He saw me as his protector.

Blizzard with his first dish, a tuna can. It held his pellets.

Hazel and Lika Lou were from Las Vegas and lived with their master in my hometown. They were very, very, old and God decided the time when each of them would pass on to a better place. First Lika Lou and then a few years later Hazel. Both of them had age related problems. Their hips and joints hurt them a lot. There master bought many pills so they would be comfortable and when they died it was because of their old age.

Lika Lou (brown) and Hazel (white)
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