The equator runs right through my country. It is the half way point between the North Pole and the South Pole. Ecuador is the Spanish word for equator. Can you find my country? Do you know the name of the continent where my country is?

Ecuador’s location in the world

My city is up in the Los Andes mountains. It is toward the south end of the country. Can you find it on the map of Ecuador? What other things do you see in my country? There are some bits and pieces of my country in the ocean, near the equator. Can you find them? What are they called?  Where do you think the rainforest might be?

Animal world in Ecuador

My hometown in Spanish is, Santa Ana de los cuatro rios de Cuenca. In English it is called, Santa Ana of the four rivers of Cuenca. In both languages it is a crazy long name so we just call it simply, Cuenca. Up in the mountains, Cuenca gets very cold when it rains and I didn’t like this very much. I even saw it hail ice balls a couple of times. What I did like was the four rivers and the many parks all over the city. There are also a lot of very old buildings and my hometown city is a Unesco City. It is an honor for my city to be recognized as a world heritage site because of the many preserved original buildings.

In Cuenca, we don’t need much of a reason to have parties, lots of fireworks and parades. There is always one, two or three going on somewhere. Our biggest parade of the year, honors the baby Jesus. This parade goes non stop for more than 8 hours. The streets are full and  I must watch out that my toes or my tail does not get stepped on.

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