Lesson #4👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

Waiting for Dad

Buenos días, amigos.🙂 How did you spend father’s day? I hope that you told your dad how proud and pleased you are of him.🤔 Did you know that God chose your father for you? 👼No matter how tough he looks.🦸‍♂️ Your father will be happy that you know, he does his very best for you.😉 As I said in my profile, my human dad is very important to me and I try to let him know it. I lick his chin when the day starts, this is my way of saying, Buenos días.🐶👅 When he comes home from work, I wiggle my tail and jump up on him. It is my way to say Buenas tardes.🐩 At night, I lie at his feet peacefully and it means Buenas noches.🥱😴 Finally, I thank our heavenly Father up above, who takes good care of us and takes care of you too.✝🙏

Dear Fellow Christian Pups:🙏💔

For two weeks in a row my web managers and I have disappointed you by not publishing any new stories and lessons. We would like to apologize for our absence.

On June 9th ,2020 my one webmaster and best friend in Ecuador had a terrible fall and his knee was broken. The doctors put him back together but he was hurting and sad.

This week, on the way to his first bandage change and wound inspection, the person assisting him tripped on the concrete stairs and my friend was pulled down and tossed across the pavement.

I am so sad to say his repaired, broken knee was broken again and muscles in his leg were badly torn and damaged. He also, now has a sprained finger.  My dear friend then had to have a second, very, very long surgery. Some of his knee pieces had to be removed and thrown away. Special pins now hold his bones together and I am not sure how they have fixed his ligaments.

My friend is in a lot of pain and he will be a very long time getting better.

All of us at, “Paws for Christ” would really appreciate your prayers for my friend to heal stronger than ever before.

When bad things happen, many of us ask, why me?  Where was God? It is important to remember that God is always with us. (Joshua 1:9 ICB) He has promised. (Matthew 28:20 ICB) We may never know the reason why something happened but we can believe that God will use our pain for good. (2 Corinthians 1:3-4)