A Prayer to Start the Day 🌞

Here is a short little prayer that is perfect for when you wake up in the morning. You can add to this prayer anything that you are thankful for. You might want to remember your parents and grandparents or the lonely old lady down the street.

Now, say this prayer for your own kind.

Let’s thank Kate Douglas Wiggin for writing this prayer way back in 1954. This prayer was printed in a Children’s Prayer Book by Dell Publishing Company, Inc.

A Prayer to End the Day🌛


After I have had my bath and brushed my teeth. I hop up onto the foot of my dad’s bed and I am ready for the last activity of my day. I say my prayers with dad and then I just love to hear a really, really, good, short story. By this time, I’m all slowed down and my eyes are heavy. I am ready to drift off to a magical place; and there I go, I’m off to sleep.

Here is a prayer my dad told me that he remembers his Grandma Dorothy teaching him when he was just a young pup himself.

Night prayer

Do you wanna know something really cool about this prayer? My dad and his Grandma used to sing this prayer instead of just saying it but it had a lot more words.

The original verses and the words are really old. My dad found this really, really, cool and old copy of the original authors, the paper piano music and prayer here; You gotta check it out!   https://digitalcommons.conncoll.edu/sheetmusic/1133  Click on the large download button you see on the page when it opens. You may have to shrink the page because on my laptop it appears too large for the screen.