I Love You 😍

God created dog’s brains much like human brains in the producing emotions department. He has made connecting with each other very easy for us.

Here are some ways that God has instructed me to relate my love to you.

  1. I gaze into your eyes. When I do and you return my gaze, a hormone called oxytocin is released into your brain and mine sending each of us a chemical love message.  
  2. I will share my toys. I guard my toys pretty carefully but when I run to you with my toys or when I nudge one forward for you to take it, you will know my strong and unconditional love for you.
  3. When you yawn, I will yawn too which shows you my empathy. Yawning at the same time shows that I have bonded with you.
  4. I’ll sleep with you just like I would with my pack. Wild dogs sleep together for protection so when I sleep with you, I’m showing my trust in you. Your body heat is nice as well.
  5. I wag my tail to show you a whole range of emotions. When I hold my tail high, I am showing you I am confident and enthusiastic but if my tail is low, I’m pretty nervous. A stiff or slow wag means I am not in the mood, beware of my attitude.
  6. I’ll raise my eyebrows to make my eyes seem larger giving you my puppy dog eyes. Try resisting that! I understand your words and your tone when you speak and I will show facial expressions.
  7. I love to cuddle just as much as you do. It’s a stress reliever for the both of us. Talking and petting boost oxytocin levels for both us. That’s that love chemical we talked about earlier.
  8. When I lean on you or touch you, I am showing you my need for physical and emotional support. As my pack leader I want to express my highest form of trust.
  9. I’ll let you touch my head. Never go over a dog’s head and try to pet us this way. We see it as a threat, but when I enjoy it and close my eyes, I definitely love you. Especially avoid this habit when you meet a new dog for the first time.
  10. I will calmly watch you leave the house. I won’t like it one bit but I will be good. This shows that I trust you and I know you’re going to come back.
  11. I’ll go absolutely crazy when you come back, releasing that love chemical oxytocin again in the both of us. Better yet, when you interact with me, we both decrease the stress hormone cortisol.
  12. I’ll lick or kiss your face. I love you, I love you, I love you. Well! Don’t you humans do the same. Maybe not the licking thing.

God didn’t create all of us animals the same. 😺🙊🐠🐝🐥

Do you think when a lion licks your face, he is telling you he loves you?

What other animals can you trust or NOT trust?

What warning signs did God give these animals for you to be aware of?