Lesson #5🥰🤪

Today we are going to learn numbers. We need to know how to count how many dog cookies we are going buying. Right?

Practice these numbers in order and then practice in reverse. Practice barking your phone number in Spanish and all of your friend’s phone numbers too.  

Test #1💪🧑👧

Have you memorized your first three lessons?🙌👉 If not you better go back and learn them.
Say the following sentences in Spanish👄
1) Hello! How are you? 🙋
2) Please! I do not understand. 🤷‍♂️
3) Excuse me! How much?🤑
4) Yes please.😄
5) Good morning. How are you?😊
6) Yes. Very well, thank you. And you? 🤓
Errrrr, Woof-woof. You are doing it. You are barking in my language. Congratulations.🥉 I am so proud of you. How-wooo-wooo-woo-wo. 🐶

Lesson #4👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

Waiting for Dad

Buenos días, amigos.🙂 How did you spend father’s day? I hope that you told your dad how proud and pleased you are of him.🤔 Did you know that God chose your father for you? 👼No matter how tough he looks.🦸‍♂️ Your father will be happy that you know, he does his very best for you.😉 As I said in my profile, my human dad is very important to me and I try to let him know it. I lick his chin when the day starts, this is my way of saying, Buenos días.🐶👅 When he comes home from work, I wiggle my tail and jump up on him. It is my way to say Buenas tardes.🐩 At night, I lie at his feet peacefully and it means Buenas noches.🥱😴 Finally, I thank our heavenly Father up above, who takes good care of us and takes care of you too.✝🙏

Lesson #3👈


Hola Amigos. I hope that you are really good today. Gracias for attending this new lesson.

Dogs, like human beings, have their favorite treats.😋 Do you? SI or NO. My owner keeps mine in the closet. ¿Donde are yours kept? He picks one and gives it to me as a reward for something that I did good. Sometimes, I whine for one, so I am saying “Por favor“. 👀If I whine too much, he says aloud “Dispénsame” and puts it back in the closet. 📣No comprendo and I whine again. Then He says to me “No repita your whining” .🤭 I stop and he says “Está bien” and gives me back the treat.😇 I wiggle my tail which is like saying “Gracias” and he replies “De nada“. “¿Cuanto es?“,🤑 I do not know its cost but I love its flavor…Yummy yummy🧁

Repita all the times you can while you greet your family or friends or pets or toys😁

Spanish :::::: Lesson 2✌


Hola amigos, this is my favorite toy named Bertie.😍🐶

Por favor, tell him “Hola

Now, answer in Spanish these questions 🤔

Is Bertie a dog?………………………………. Si

Is he a green doggie?……………………….. No

Gracias for anwering these questions.😉

Bertie is very well educated when I say “Gracias“. He replies “De nada“😋

Say these Spanish words over and over until you can say them without looking at the screen. Invite a friend to practice with you.

How to Bark My Language🐶🇪🇨


Hello pack members: When I moved to Canada🍁, I had to learn to speak English. If you were to come to my country you should learn to speak Spanish.🇪🇨 It is good to know two or more languages. I would like you to learn to bark like me. I will teach you how. It’s really easy. 🤓🤭
I will give you an English word, the word in Spanish and a strange word that tells you how to say the Spanish word.
Say the Spanish words just like they look but say the big letters more strongly. Here is a sample.
Where?👉 ¿Donde? 👄 ¿DOHN-deh?
Oh boy! I am wiggling with joy and I can’t wait for you to bark in my language. Let’s get started! 🐶🐈
Here are some words you should know before you visit a Spanish speaking country. I will give a few each week, learn them well.