A Siberian Lifeguard named Nadia🐕‍🦺👏

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God made us dog’s to be pretty faithful to our masters. Sometimes it seems that we just sit around, play, and beg to take you out on long walks, but when danger strikes, we often go above and beyond for our masters and sometimes even for total strangers.🐶😄

Humans have many hero’s, firemen, doctors and nurses and everyday people who make instant choices to save others from bad things. We dogs have many dog hero’s that we like to bark about too.🚑🚒🚓🏆

In Russia, a four-year-old boy named Andrei Pavlov was feeding ducks. He fell through the ice into the freezing water. Thank God a homeless dog named Nadia started to bark crazy-like. Naida was following Andrei that day and Andrei’s mother thinks that Nadia sensed trouble. A woman who feeds the stray dogs heard Naida’s panic barking and went to her at the pond. Some workers helped her pull the boy out of the freezing water. Jesus was also looking out for Andrei and he was only in the hospital for a few days. Naida was adopted by a family just like me. Nadia’s owners are very proud of their hero. 🥇👏

Inspector Clouseau🐙

As you know, I am originally from a small country in South America named Ecuador. I am very proud to be an Ecuadorian pup and I want to share many interesting things about my birth country. Here is one, did you know that there are Sting Rays in the rivers of the Ecuadorian, rainforest? Cool Eh! Many people think they are only in the big oceans. Here is another fun fact from Ecuador and I would have found it unbelievable if my dad did not have pictures. In the same Ecuadorian rainforest, lakes and rivers, there are pink dolphins. I will tell you more about these in the future. Today, my story is about an amazing gift from God, a bright, bubble gum pink, Reef Manta Ray that lives near Australia.

 You might say, no way José, reef mantas are black, white, or black and white. You would be right if you said this before the year 2015 when Jeffery Ryan first spotted the pink ray. The ray was named, “Inspector Clouseau” because he is the colour of the Pink Panther that the awkward inspector was always trying to capture.

Inspector Clouseau is the only known pink ray in the world. He seems to be very shy or he travels over a very large area. He has only been seen 10 times since 2015 which is crazy because he is 11 feet wide or 3.3 metres wide and as he grows, he is expected to weigh almost 2,000 pounds or 907 kilograms. The pictures above were taken by Kristian Laine when he was fortunate enough to see Inspector Clouseau in 2019.

If you would like to see the Inspector, you would have your best chance on the Great Barrier Reef. He was last seen near Lady Elliot Island.

Look at this baby manta ray. Does he look like an alien from outer space? Baby mantas are born alive and are called pups just like me when I was young.