Lesson #3👈

Hola Amigos. I hope that you are really good today. Gracias for attending this new lesson.

Dogs, like human beings, have their favorite treats.😋 Do you? SI or NO. My owner keeps mine in the closet. ¿Donde are yours kept? He picks one and gives it to me as a reward for something that I did good. Sometimes, I whine for one, so I am saying “Por favor“. 👀If I whine too much, he says aloud “Dispénsame” and puts it back in the closet. 📣No comprendo and I whine again. Then He says to me “No repita your whining” .🤭 I stop and he says “Está bien” and gives me back the treat.😇 I wiggle my tail which is like saying “Gracias” and he replies “De nada“. “¿Cuanto es?“,🤑 I do not know its cost but I love its flavor…Yummy yummy🧁

Repita all the times you can while you greet your family or friends or pets or toys😁

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