A Siberian Lifeguard named Nadia🐕‍🦺👏

God made us dog’s to be pretty faithful to our masters. Sometimes it seems that we just sit around, play, and beg to take you out on long walks, but when danger strikes, we often go above and beyond for our masters and sometimes even for total strangers.🐶😄

Humans have many hero’s, firemen, doctors and nurses and everyday people who make instant choices to save others from bad things. We dogs have many dog hero’s that we like to bark about too.🚑🚒🚓🏆

In Russia, a four-year-old boy named Andrei Pavlov was feeding ducks. He fell through the ice into the freezing water. Thank God a homeless dog named Nadia started to bark crazy-like. Naida was following Andrei that day and Andrei’s mother thinks that Nadia sensed trouble. A woman who feeds the stray dogs heard Naida’s panic barking and went to her at the pond. Some workers helped her pull the boy out of the freezing water. Jesus was also looking out for Andrei and he was only in the hospital for a few days. Naida was adopted by a family just like me. Nadia’s owners are very proud of their hero. 🥇👏

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