How to Bark My Language🐶🇪🇨

Hello pack members: When I moved to Canada🍁, I had to learn to speak English. If you were to come to my country you should learn to speak Spanish.🇪🇨 It is good to know two or more languages. I would like you to learn to bark like me. I will teach you how. It’s really easy. 🤓🤭
I will give you an English word, the word in Spanish and a strange word that tells you how to say the Spanish word.
Say the Spanish words just like they look but say the big letters more strongly. Here is a sample.
Where?👉 ¿Donde? 👄 ¿DOHN-deh?
Oh boy! I am wiggling with joy and I can’t wait for you to bark in my language. Let’s get started! 🐶🐈
Here are some words you should know before you visit a Spanish speaking country. I will give a few each week, learn them well.

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