How to Bark My Language🐶🇪🇨


Hello pack members: When I moved to Canada🍁, I had to learn to speak English. If you were to come to my country you should learn to speak Spanish.🇪🇨 It is good to know two or more languages. I would like you to learn to bark like me. I will teach you how. It’s really easy. 🤓🤭
I will give you an English word, the word in Spanish and a strange word that tells you how to say the Spanish word.
Say the Spanish words just like they look but say the big letters more strongly. Here is a sample.
Where?👉 ¿Donde? 👄 ¿DOHN-deh?
Oh boy! I am wiggling with joy and I can’t wait for you to bark in my language. Let’s get started! 🐶🐈
Here are some words you should know before you visit a Spanish speaking country. I will give a few each week, learn them well.

In the Beginning, There Was Nothing.🌎


One of my favorite dog things to do when I am outside, is sit at the open gate between the back yard and the front of the house. I love to look down the driveway and up and down the street. There are so many things to see. Go to a window or go outside and look, smell, feel, hear and maybe even taste all of these gifts from God, with me.

Now, what will you see if God did not create mankind? Erase from the picture that you see with your eyes, all the people, all your friends, all the children, the moms and dads, and neighbors. People made the houses and cars, roads and sidewalks, planes and balls that you see. Erase all of the man-made things.

What do you see? A house, a road, a car, maybe there is an airplane in the sky. You may see a baby buggy, a wagon or a ball.  You might see your friends or other children and their parents. A man and a woman were the last things that God created. He created them on the sixth day of His big plan.

Now what do you see? Just before God made man and woman, He created all the animals. You might see a dog or a cat, a squirrel or a rabbit.  If you look really close you might see a spider, a fly or a snake. Now, take away all of these animals from what you see. What is there to look at now?

On day five God made all the creatures that fly so you may still see a sea gull, a sparrow or a hawk in your picture. Erase all the birds and you will still have things to look at. On the fifth day God also created all the creatures in the sea. Do you have goldfish in a bowl? The oceans are full of all sizes, shapes and colors of sea life. But what if you take all these away?

Now you may see the sun, the moon and the stars. A tree or a bush with flowers and grass in front. Now subtract all the lights that God placed in the sky. Is it really dark? Is it getting cold? These were the things God created on the fourth day. Our picture is looking pretty empty!

What do we have in our picture now? We still have trees and grass and flowers. There is water in streams, rivers, lakes and the ocean. There is land, making mountains, hills and valleys, desserts and islands. Yes sir, you guessed right! Now, erase all of these things that were created on the third day of God’s perfect plan.

On the second day there was not a lot to look at. God created a big, big space all around, it might have been blue in the day time and dark black at night. No one really knows. No one was there. Now, erase the day and the night.

In the beginning there was nothing at all. There was only darkness all around. No shapes, no colors, no light to see. No flowers, no food to smell. No furry animals to feel and no birds to hear singing. There was no sweet fruit or tasty man-made candy to taste.  Just emptiness everywhere, except for one living spirit. There was the invisible spirit of God.  This first day, God created the heavens and the earth. What a day that would have been! Can you imagine nothing?