Trouble Within the Ranks

Over the past two weeks some disturbing stories have come to light at my place of employment. Stories of verbal and mental abuse. Stories of a plot to undermine and discredit our boss. Stories of the abuse of power and position being held over others. Stories of the society being robbed of time and taken advantage of. With a snake in the grass stirring the pot and acting as a go between, setting the stage of negativity on multiple fronts; Satin has slowly and surely crept into our tight little family of love, respect and support and turned it to one of fear, resentment, hurt feelings and a lack of trust.

I work at a Christian Charity, dedicated to the poor and under privileged. We continue the good work of our founder, to the glory of God. How is it possible that no one saw this coming? It’s because we are all guilty of burying our heads in the sand. It’s because even though we are a Christian non-profit Society, we cannot legally draw attention to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible or the power of prayer and faith. This opens the door for Satanic scum to move in and about. Just like schools, workplaces, businesses and everywhere else in North America, the population trust in themselves and sets their own standards. Then it becomes all about rights and if rights just happen to violate others rights, so what. One person’s rights should never supersede another’s for any reason. There are responsibilities to others that must be considered before one can claim their own rights. Oh my, did Satin forget to mention that?

I have big news for everyone, worldwide and I hope some of my co-workers are reading this post and will take particular notice. IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT YOU! IT’S ALL ABOUT GOD! You are not in control, God is. You have your job because God has granted it to you. Everything you have ever achieved is because of God’s grace, not your own futile efforts.

You do not have the right to gossip at work or anywhere. This is a gutless cowardly slimeball move, supported by Satin and his goonies. It is disrespectful from the very start, Jesus referred to gossip as committing murder in your heart. Manipulation seems to have married with gossip in this case and for the snake in the grass slithering around behind everyone’s back, this is appalling. Are you working with us or against us?  

No one has the right to insult another person by name calling. Let’s leave this to immature and poorly raised little children. Out and out profanities being yelled in public not only degrades your fellow employee but strikes all innocent parties within hearing distance. As if this act isn’t evil enough, the fact it is coming from an employee of a religious charity is downright shocking. Do you have any moral standards what-so-ever?

Making a public vow to bring down your boss and threaten to damage that person’s reputation with a secret letter to specific parties, with the goal of having that person fired is just down right yellow bellied cowardice.

Mulling around and wasting time to avoid more work while being paid, is stealing. Stealing is stealing in God’s eyes but I just can’t help thinking that stealing from a religious charity that is honoring God might be one place to avoid going. It’s a slippery and steep slope that leads to Hell. One may want to avoid stepping onto it.

Personal phone calls at the charities expense and on the Society’s, time is again a form of stealing. Personal banking, and other business while being paid an hourly wage? Stealing.

Sitting back and stalling while others do all the labor and eating when co-workers have not eaten and are trudging forward without your help, shows a complete lack of respect and is totally not fair.

Pumping yourself up presenting yourself as God’s gift the employer, knowing all that your guilty of. I’m not sure what to call that without offending God. I’ll gently refer to it as supremacy, pride and deceit otherwise known as lies.

Blaming others for what you are responsible for? Self-serving lies.  

Two employees quit and moved on because of various types of abuse feeling that they did not have a voice because they were yet, rookies. Two more employees struggled and finally found the courage to speak out about their abuse but now will work in fear of retaliation.

How do two beaten down and abused rookies keep face and resist retaliation? I would have to suggest that they can’t. They need the all mighty power of God to step in and defend them. Here’s the problem! I do not believe that either of them is saved, I do not believe either have accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. If not, they are still filthy with their own sin and God is not with them. They must accept Jesus and invite Christ into their hearts, believing in him. They must believe and know that Jesus has taken their sins upon himself and forgiven them. They have to know that their sins have condemned them to death but Jesus took their sins and died on their behalf. They must know that Jesus’ suffering and death is the only acceptable sacrifice that God our Father in Heaven would accept in order to see them cleansed of their sins. Only then can they stand in the presence of God and ask for His help.

It is so important that the Gospel or the Good News is shown to everyone because without it they are on their own.

Will you share the Good News to unbelievers before it’s too late? Before they find themselves in a predicament where they need God’s mighty right hand but they do not qualify? With God all they would have to do would be to stand back and refuse to argue or defend themselves so that God would be clear to step in and fight for them.

I’ll try my best to get through to these two co-workers. I could use your prayers for courage and the correct words to speak.     Thanks in advance.