My Stolen Backpack

Two weeks ago, my backpack was stolen right out from under my nose.

I went into work on this particular Monday morning and learned that I was being reassigned from my warehouse job to driving truck. Because I start work a half hour later than the truck drivers, I was already a half hour behind schedule. The assistant to the truck driver had already scraped the frost off the windshield, mirrors and side windows, started the truck with my key and had the heater warming the cab interior. He left the running truck to go inside and use the facilities and according to policy he locked the doors with a second key.

This is where I came into the picture. I approached the truck, attempted to open the door and it was locked. Unable to place my backpack inside the cab, I set it on the ground beside the driver’s door and walked about 25 feet away to the warehouse entrance door and inquired as to the whereabouts of my assistant. Within seconds while standing in the doorway to the warehouse, some movement caught the corner of my eye. I turned around and immediately noticed my backpack was gone. I ran around to the front of the truck and I saw someone on an e-bike turning right onto the street in front of the charity where I work.

There went my credit cards, debit cards, driver’s license, health card, social insurance card, free coffee loyalty cards, library card, points cards. My bi-focal eye glasses, gloves and toque, my camera, a half bottle of muscle and joint pain relief, my lunch, my clipboard with my instructions for the day, other work-related items and approximately $20.00 in change that I keep just for handing out to the beggers. These are just the things I can remember, other things will come to mind when I discover I can’t find them.

Immediately I told my manager that my backpack was stolen and I could not drive the truck with no driver’s license. Next with the much-appreciated help from my co-workers I began to call the police and cancel my bank cards. The next thought was that the thief had my I.D with my home address and a single house key. It wouldn’t take much to put the two together and knowing I was downtown the thief could clean out the house. Right after the police took my statement, I left work to go home and meet with my sister who had a key to let me in. Someone had to be there to make sure the thief did not make a visit. That night the locks were changed on the house.

There were so many things to consider and act upon that I really didn’t have time to get angry and by late evening I had accepted that my backpack and all of its contents were gone never to be seen again.


I could not believe the focus and organization of my co-workers; it was as if God was guiding them in the perfect order to help me ion a most efficient way. They provided the phone numbers I needed to call and the website to file a police report. The manager downloaded the video surveillance of the person stealing my backpack as the police would want to see it.

Weeks ago, I believe that Abba put certain things in order. For instance, the loss of my eye glasses was not the end of the world as through a series of events that happened led me to owning if you can believe it, four pair of glasses. This is a story too long to go into here, but I still have three pair to rely on. I had a cash stash in the house, which was odd because I never use cash. I always use my credit card so that I can collect points. For whatever reason I had the cash on hand it made it easy to weather the storm until I received the first of my cards being replaced.

My manager took me aside the next day and explained that she was paying me for the full day at work even though I had left work early. I suffered no loss of income.

No charges had been made on any of my credit cards, a miracle considering I have the convenience of tapping for payment on both my debit and credit cards.

Two days afterward someone donated a Nikon D3000 DSLR camera which is a hundred times better than the Olympus point and shoot camera than I lost to the thief. I was able to purchase it at a mere fraction of its value.

A church friend refused my twenty-dollar payment to him for my ticket to a men’s breakfast convention saying to me this will help cover some of your losses due to the thief.

All of the other items including another backpack have been replaced as the charity that I work for had everything on hand which I purchased again at a fraction of the original cost..

I eventually had my lunch when I went home early so I didn’t suffer any.

Inside my back pack the thief would have found a dozen post cards referring him or her to my Christian website and a book I was reading on St Vincent de Paul whose life interest was feeding the poor and caring for the needy. The thief would be exposed to a good dose of spiritual loving.

On my clipboard I had a scrap of paper with scripture pertaining to thieves. I had been researching thief references in the Bible so I might be able to quote scripture while walking pasts a suspected shoplifter in the charity store. Shoplifting has been increasing lately in our store. That aught to have spooked the thief some.   

Several of my co-workers expressed anger over my loss but God guided me to not show hatred or a willingness to curse and seek revenge of the thief but rather calmly state that everything is okay and not to worry about it. Everything that can be done at the moment has been implemented. God sees all and He may very well be watching my reactions. My integrity stands and I am seen by my co-workers and volunteers as a true Christian.  

God truly can use evil for good. We just have to step aside and let Him handle the situation.  Genesis 50:19-20 NLT

Here are some Bible verses that helped me. They may help you in the future to deal with any inconveniences you may suffer. Matthew 6:14-15, Matthew 7:12, Romans 3:23, Romans 8:35 and 37, Exodus 14:14, 1 Peter 2:23.