I’ve Fallen into a Rut

The Bible tells me that ever since my birth, evil has been in me. Psalm 58:3 CEV. This was proven true by my placing a thumb tack on a girl’s chair in junior school, stealing candy, lying, and cheating on many test. I did it all. I have continued to sin throughout my life and even today try as I might not to, I sinned again by engaging in gossip at work. I cannot avoid it until either I die or I am transformed for heaven.

So, like it or not, and for the record I do not, I understand that non-believers and especially I as a Christian, will be tempted and tested continually by Satin, who is the ruler of this world. It’s his kingdom and he is in control, for the time being. 

Today is no different than in the Old Testament times. All throughout God’s word people have struggled just the same as I am. I read example after example of kingdoms rising to full glory (when God is praised, honored, and obeyed). Then I read of the same kingdoms falling into total ruin (when evil is rampant and there is an overall disregard for God). Unfortunately, I believe that at this very present time, we are another falling nation and sadly, at times I play a part in it’s downfall.  

Everywhere, chaos, lawlessness, resistance to good and embracing what we know in our hearts is wrong. Jeremiah 10:23 AMPC  I am guilty of acting by myself in evil desires, lapping up Satin’s temptations. Evil is everywhere and even though I know God is real, I don’t see him and begin to think He can’t see me. I begin to make my own plans, chose my own direction, solve my own problems and feebly take over control of my own life. Proverbs 14:12 AMP Thank goodness for God’s mercy.

God’s word is the foundation to every successful nation. As a child I remember when we stood and recited the Lord’s prayer every morning in school. I remember seeing, The Ten Commandments cast in bronze and imbedded in the walls of banks, government buildings and on display in public parks. Oh, “The Good Ole Days”! Do you remember them? I do! Value was placed on the church, our homes, our families, and our friends. Together we sang, we ate together, we played games and participated in sports together, we camped out in nature, attended summer vacation Bible school. We helped one another. Sunday was truly honored as the Sabbath. Families and friends grouped together for church, gathered in parks and restaurants for fellowship and drove the backroads admiring God’s natural wonders. Mom and dad, the kids, maybe grandma and grandpa and sometimes aunt, uncle and cousins, joined together at the beach or at home for a shared meal or an afternoon of boardgames and music or an afternoon of reflections on the past. We were in touch with each other, grounded in good values and morals. Sunday shopping was not available. Malls were closed, grocery stores were closed. All non-essential stores were closed so that the owners, and employees of those stores could also participate in their church and in a society that cared and desired to share and be with one another.

But gradually, Satin and his goonies have had “The Ten Commandments” torn down, prayer and Bible readings have been removed from schools. He has introduced greed to open stores and malls for an extra day of profit. He has us working on the Sabbath and has stopped us from attending church. There is no time for family and friends.

We, and I included, have become ignorant of what is right and what is wrong. I stopped pursuing the truth. Facebook and other social platforms are the worst. Lazily, I wait for someone else to take the lead and I follow along based on my feelings. Feelings without knowledge and understanding has proven to always be wrong. Without knowledge I am easily misled. When misled I am made to believe wrong is right and right is wrong. Then when I realize that I have been deceived I become angry and what happens then is, I lose my ability to think and reason. It’s rage over reason. Proverbs 15:1 ESV This proverb I am guilty of not obeying especially on Facebook. I found myself trusting in my own feelings and spouting off at the mouth. I engage the “like button” on social media or share the post without any further thought, spreading lies, hate and uncertainty. In effect I have become a disciple of Satin himself.        

I have been praying for wisdom and I believe that my prayers have been answered. This scripture made me aware of my folly. Proverbs 14:15 ICB    I’m a fool! Ouch!

I must stop sharing titles, logos, slogans and catch phrases based on my feelings. I mean, I don’t judge a book by its cover, I read it first. So why do I not research and read post on Facebook before sharing or in essence making recommendations to my friends. (My thousands of friends who now have been reduced to chat columns). Are they real!

I see now, how my values have shifted along with the rest of the world’s. I have pulled my head out of the sand and when I look around, I see a new world that I DO NOT LIKE. No values. No honor. No trust. No love. No concern. Satin has been ever so subtle and patient. Most of us have not even noticed the transformations he has made. God in His perfect timing, knocked me to my knees and spun me around so that I was facing Jesus. I reached out to Jesus and pleaded for his forgiveness and help.

Jesus has saved me; I am now awake. I do not recognize the world around me. I can barely find a shred of goodness from my childhood. I’ve been away for a very, very, long time.

Are you guilty of following along in my same footsteps? Pray and invite Jesus into your life. Ask Jesus to open your eyes and show you your past and compare it with your present.