I Believe

All week I have struggled to write a blog to post on, “The Two-Year-Old Christian.” I have many entries throughout my journal but not one stood out, as a contender to be expanded upon for this week. Today I am past my due date for posting and still I have nothing.

During my morning routine of praying and reading God’s word, I believe The Holy Spirit set up today’s post for me.

The past two months of lockdown has certainly given everyone ample time to reflect on their lives and pursue personal interest. As you might have figured, I dove deeper into God’s Word, watched endless hours of sermons from pastors around the globe, and searched for answers to my own personal questions.

Throughout the old testament, we, God’s special creations have turned against Him. Time and time again we have abused His love, His generosity and His patience. We have refused to keep our promises to Him. We have blasphemed him, ignored Him and disobeyed Him. The worst of the worst is when we turn to other gods and worship them. We have shunned His warnings repeatedly and then He turns His back on us. At this point we exhibit no more guilt, we govern and live for ourselves, our behavior is justified, crime is legitimized, good becomes bad and bad becomes good.

The state of our planet shouldn’t be any great surprise to anyone and the quality of our lives shouldn’t be a surprise either. If you’ve ever wondered if history repeats itself, the answer is a resounding. “YES.” Look around! Do you see what I see? Do you like what you see and are you okay with it? We have got to be the absolute worst civilization ever. Each civilization has become more corrupt and with worse sins than the previous ones. How many times can we turn to our own understanding and push God out of our lives? How much worse can we become than what we are today? Have we finally passed the point of no return?

I believe we are in the end times and I believe we are a lot closer than what most of us think we are. I believe we have used up all of our “second chances.” I believe that we believers who have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior and have repented of our sins will be raptured. I believe that this will be followed by the revealing of the antichrist and then the seven years of tribulation will begin.    

This morning before reading the scriptures, I prayed as I usually do. My prayer was more of a verbal pondering and sorting out of my thoughts, than it was of praising God. Everything as far as I can see has lined us up for the perfect storm. I questioned the timing of the rapture and considering the events happening around the world, I prayed for the rapture to come sooner than later. Until the rapture does come, I asked Jesus what I can do to help glorify God and I offered myself to His service. I asked how I may contribute to building the kingdom of God. I wondered out loud, should I be personally evangelizing in addition to submitting blogs for each of the two, Christian websites I now write for. I wondered how much time I have to share the Gospel with others, and lead them to be saved in Jesus Christ.

I opened my online Bible and the first thing to greet me right after my prayer was, 1 Thessalonians 4: 16-17 ICB.  Out of the blue just like that, the verse of the day just happens to be about the rapture. This is God speaking to me. I do not believe in coincidences or pure chance but I do believe in spiritual guidance and confirmation.

I believe that by reiterating the rapture immediately after my praying about it, God Himself, has confirmed that the rapture is very close. When exactly, is not for us to know. His angels will not know until He orders it. When we do push that last button and tip Him over the edge, I believe He will give the order and it will be enacted immediately. How close do you think we are to the end of all things as we know them on this side of eternity?  

Accept that you are a sinner. Believe in Jesus Christ and what he did for us. Call out to Jesus and be saved.