Faith is the ability to completely trust in someone or something. We are told throughout the Bible to place our faith in God and when we do, He will reward us in one way or another. Read, Hebrews 11:1 ICB and Psalm 120:1 ICB.

I believe in God whole heartedly and I have seen His graces poured out on me, time and time again. The main theme of this website, is my testimonies or records of God’s favors upon my life, since becoming a new born Christian. Read, Mark 11:24 ICB.

Up until this very day all the post that I have submitted have been written after the fact, after I have prayed and received God’s blessings. Anyone can write a testimony, but today I submit my declaration in faith to God, before you the reader. I have not yet received His blessings and you will witness for yourself God’s response to my prayer. In essence, I am presenting a future testimony in the making.  Read, Matthew 6:33 and Hebrews 11:6.

I would like to share my prayer and I invite you to take part in this faith building exercise. Believing that Jesus Christ is your lord and savior, John 8:24. Look up to Heaven, raise your arms above your head and from your heart with complete trust, place your life in God’s hands. Read, Matthew 21:22 ICB.

Dear Heavenly Father:  An invisible enemy has come to my doorstep in the form of a deadly virus. Thousands of people worldwide have had their lives cut short. I am no different than any of those people except for the fact that I may be more vulnerable than some of them. (list your weaknesses) I am pushing sixty years old, I am overweight, I have high blood pressure and sleep apnea.

Abba, with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ beside be, (Psalm 16:8 ICB), Your Holy Spirit within me, (1st Corinthians 3:16 ICB), and You, watching over me from above, (Proverbs 15:3 ICB) I renounce all power of the Corona virus over me. I claim Your promises to provide for me and to protect me. I have honored you and will continue to praise you. Psalm 50:15 ICB, Isaiah 41:13 ICB and Jeremiah 29:11 ICB. Dear Lord Jesus keep your promise and protect my family and I from this Novel Coronavirus, John 14:13-14 ICB.

With all the faith I have within me I declare dominance over this virus, it will not take me down and I will overcome any attacks it may try to make against me. Matthew 17:20 ICB. The only effect this virus will have on me will be to keep me even closer to you. I thank you in advance Heavenly Father for the victory you have granted me. I rest in Your perfect love and I will not fear this virus. 1st John 4:18 ICB. You are in charge Dear God and already the world has seen how you have saddled this beast and used it to bring many of your children back home to You. Most importantly Abba I seek Your will, for Your superior plans to be accomplished in me. Whatever Your will is for me I gratefully accept.

All power and glory to You, God our Father, for ever and ever. I pray this prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, A-Men