Enough is Enough

In the beginning, the pandemic frightened me and I was only all too eager to comply with every rule and piece of advice, in order to assure the safety of everyone I care so deeply for. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little concerned about my own safety as well, but fairly early into the lock down I proclaimed that this virus would have no power over me and I have the power of our Creator on my side. (Faith, April 18th, four paragraphs from the end) Although this virus is very real and it is a killer, it is not and has not been the devastating end of the world, mother virus of all viruses.

For the vast majority of us our jobs were deemed non-essential. Right when fear, panic, uncertainty and anxiety came upon many, everyone could forget seeking Hope, Love and Support from their church as spiritual help was deemed non-essential. While, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, were deemed non-essential, abortion clinics were deemed essential. Food banks and services providing meals for the homeless were deemed non-essential but alcohol and beer was deemed essential. Criminals were released from prison because they could be at risk but the backbone of our country, the entrepreneurs were being jailed for trying to save their life’s investment in their businesses.  

How did it come about that we are equal to convicted criminals? Convicted criminals do not have to spend time in jail but can serve their sentences in the comfort of their home. We are sentenced to the same house arrest but have not been convicted of any crime.

Big Box department stores were deemed essential but not the family business. The all-mighty multinationals were given favor and the entrepreneurial spirit was forced to close. So many small businesses have collapsed and many more are struggling. Unfortunately, others have sustained such financial loss that in due time they will also close their doors.

On a personal level we had our freedoms stripped away, our families isolated from each other. Our social groups were diminished and our friends scattered, we’ve been patient and we’ve complied, only to be deprived in uncountable ways, ordered to follow a slew of new protocols and threatened sever punishment for non-compliance. We cannot gather our family let alone our friends within our own homes. We are ordered not to hugg or shake hands, and to maintain a distance between one another. The life we knew is gone and we are told to expect a new normal.

Advice has changed by the hour and news began to seep out as to what is really going on and when we wanted to share the publications, suddenly they were not available any longer.

Some of us were fortunate and even content to stay at home and be paid a government emergency paycheck. Some have found it so luxurious they have decided not to return to work. Some of us who have our heads pulled out of the sand realized the unfairness of this new socialistic society. After a life-time of paying unemployment insurance premiums, health insurance and into government pensions and plans, and municipal, provincial and national taxes; how is it that others who have contributed absolutely nothing to society in any way shape for form, are receiving the same amount of emergency funds as we the workers, who funded it? Why were students who have never worked and still under mom and dad’s care getting our same benefit? Locally, some of them have been reported out on the golf greens playing demolition derby with expensive golf carts.

What on earth are we witnessing? It is none other than Socialism at it’s finest. In Marxist theory socialism is a transitional social state between the overthrowing of capitalism and the realization of Communism. Wow! And what is communism? A political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.

Do you see it? It’s all been planned from the very beginning. As sloppy as it was in its presentation, we have lapped it all up like dehydrated puppies presented a fresh bowl or cold water on a sunny day with no shade.

How easily we can be misled. (2 Timothy 3:13 NLT) How trusting we are of our fellow man. (Psalm 146:3-5 NLT) How cunning is our enemy? (Genesis 3:1 NIV)