Jobs, Jobs, Everywhere (but not a one for me)

Job hunting is an emotional rollercoaster and if you have recently been through this laborious exercise or are caught up in it presently, you know exactly what I mean. It doesn’t matter what your age, gender or race is, in this day of age, it’s tough. Add in old age, overweight, unskilled factory worker for most of your life, and just try to imagine how steep the mountain slopes and how deep the valleys are. I’ve been up and down so many times that I should be as fit as The CrossFit Games winner, Rich Froning Jr. and as sleek and skillful as a leopard.

I’m going on into my fifth month without work and worldly ideas and thoughts are taking over my mind. Why am I not getting a job?  Is it because I’m old? Is it because I’m fat? Is it because I’m too picky? Maybe I’m just not trying hard enough or possibly my resume is not written well. Do I appear unprofessional or too professional? Do I come on too strong or am I too wimpy? It doesn’t really matter, because at the end of the day the world assumes it’s my fault that I don’t have work.

After these insecure thoughts, a flood of other world feelings bear down on me. Feelings of rejection; You know, when the manager or public relations person couldn’t be any more disinterested in you, if they tried. You’re absolutely not getting that job! The worldly feeling of being let down and disappointed; I am way more qualified and able than that person they hired. Who is he, the boss’s grandson?  Then the world offers up frustration. Ahh come on! I’ve handed out a gazillion resumes. And  what would the world be, if it didn’t pour anxiety upon you? How will I ever be able pay my debts? How can I even live? Finally; Depression! The world tells me, I’m good for nothing, a loser, pathetic, washed up. Step aside, get out of the way!  

Where does one go from here? How do you get out of bed the next morning and continue on any longer? Well, take a look up to the heavenly realm. Let’s see what Jesus has to say. What promises has God made to me and what does the Holy Spirit have to offer? I turned to God and I prayed. I asked Him, “God, why is it taking so long?” Am I not praying the right way? Are you hearing my prayers? When?

God assures us, I hear your every prayer.1 Peter 3:12 ESV
God is in control, working all things together. Romans 8:28 ESV
God provides for us. Luke 12:24 ESV
God is with us, wherever we go. Joshua 1:9 ESV
God is going to bless us, I have plans for you. Jeremiah 29:11 ESV
God will deliver a job, at the perfect time. Lamentations 3:25-26 ESV

Jesus will not let us perish. John 3:16 KJV
Jesus helps carry our load. Matthew 11:28 KJV
Jesus is the truth and will provide the way. John 14:6 KJV
Jesus prepares for our future. John 14:2 KJV
Jesus lights the way for us. Matthew 5:16 KJV
Jesus is ready and willing to help us. Matthew 7:7-8 KJV

The Holy Spirit gives us power. Act 1:8 NLT
The Holy Spirit pleads for us when we are weak. Romans 8:26 NLT
The Holy Spirit teaches us all we need to know. John 14:26 NLT
The Holy Spirit guides our lives. Galatians 5:16 NLT
The Holy Spirit prepares us to work together Galatians 5:25-26 NLT
The Holy Spirit lives in us. 1 Corinthians 6:19 NLT

Who do you allow to govern your life, the world or God?

What Are My (TRUE) Motives in Prayer?

 After praying for blessings upon my family, friends and myself, I thought, “If I were God and this prayer were prayed to me what would I think about it”. Well, I wouldn’t take too kindly to it, at all.

First of all, family and friends were added into the prayer so that the prayer wouldn’t seem selfish. Second, the blessing asked for was just a cover for the real worldly wants that would be gained after the blessing was given. Third, the gains would not require any trust or faith in God’s abilities. Fourth, the worshiper (me) was impatiently trying to speed up God’s timing. Four fails. Not on your life buddy.

Ever since I stumbled across the last sentence in James 4:2 NLT, which simply says, you have not because you ask not. I’ve become pretty good at asking. What an awful thought, that I could be deprived of something for any length of time, simply because I didn’t ask for it. It wasn’t too long before I thought that I had figured out how God thinks about things.  I thought that I knew what I could and could not ask for, and what I would or would not receive. Whoops!

 I figured that pretty much anything spiritual with good honest heartfelt intent would be granted quickly if not instantly. (Examples) Oh Dear Lord, please give me the strength not to throw this hammer. 1 Corinthians 1: 8 NIVLord, I’m under attack by Satin. I need your help to once and for all, dispose of this old sin. 2 Thessalonians 3:3 NIV.  Material things prayed for I figured take longer to receive, if at all. Granting these request seem to depend on various factors. Is it a need or is it greed? Will it make me proud? Will I love it more than God thus “it”, whatever “it” is, could become my new god? Am I spiritually ready for it? Can it help build God’s kingdom?  Prayers prayed for situations seem to be a hit or miss, at least for me anyway. These prayers are almost always prompted by my anxiety. In every instance I believe that my anxiety was greatly reduced or relieved entirely. The actual situation may or may not be granted or possibly be delayed. (Example) When I was praying for a church and a church family, I received two nays before receiving a yea. When I prayed for a job that I really wanted, I was turned down. I thought I was fully qualified and the best man for the job. Apparently, God thought otherwise. Philippians 4:6-7.  Prayers for personal gain seem to depend on my motives. (Examples) When I prayed for the zeal to learn, study and understand the Bible, I would never in a million years have guessed I would at times spend upwards of eight and ten hours in a day, studying and conversing with God. When I prayed to win the lottery jackpot the only thing I won was another opportunity to purchase another ticket. Exodus 9:16 NLT.

 Somewhere along the line my prayers morphed into praying for specific blessings which isn’t a bad thing. But then, cocky me, assumed I’d receive my request based on my superior understanding of how God thinks. Then my second mistake, I focused on just how my blessing would come and what else would come with it.

I’m like a child who has learned how to get what he wants from his parents, except this Father, Our Father in Heaven, He’s on top of the game and will not be manipulated. God is not a vending machine where I deposit a prayer and out pops my request along with three complimentary items just because I’m so special in His eyes. I forgot He has the ability to read my mind and my heart’s intentions. 1 Chronicles 28:9 NLT.  I really need to receive this verse into my heart, learn it and take it seriously.                  

At some point I began to pray in a worldly way. In the world you work and get paid, you help someone and you’re praised for it, you scratch their back and they’ll scratch yours, I complement you and you return the compliment. There’s always a payback. So I have been offering up my prayers with something good in mind, expecting my prayer to be answered, which can also be good, BUT before receiving my blessing I started to count all of the fringe benefits, that would come to me. Lately, I’ve noticed that when I pray, my prayers are either taking an exceptionally long time to be honored or are not granted at all. Is it any wonder?

It’s time to turn over a new leaf and reanalyze what I think I know. It’s time to pray earnestly and compassionately from my heart for my family, my friends, and my needs. Then leave it at that. God    decides whether to grant or turn down my prayers.

Other related scriptures;

Philippians 2:3 NIV.  1 Corinthians 10:24 NLT

The very same day when I was pondering all this over I was out and about, delivering resumes. In the afternoon, I stopped into a used book store and bought a cheap book of daily devotionals, one for each day of the month($1.00). It’s based on the Prayer of Jabez. The devotionals all point to proper prayer and intentions.

I think it’s so wonderful how God finds ways to place the answers that I need into my hands.

House Cleaning with, “The Holy Spirit”

Before seeking Jesus, confessing my sins, asking for forgiveness and asking him to take over my messed up life, it was not uncommon for me to wake up for several hours in the middle of the night. I would awake enraged with anger over some issue that occurred the previous day, week or even months and sometimes years earlier. I would be so upset that it would take me hours to get back to sleep. I could never solve the angering problem and most often I would watch television or read a book until I could be distracted enough or calmed down enough to return to bed and finish what was left of the night.

Sometime soon after seeking and asking Jesus to take charge in my life, I had my first encounter with The Holy Spirit. I didn’t know it at the time but hindsight is 20/20. Now I understand some of the gifts of The Holy Spirit that Jesus gave to me when I reached out to him and accepted him as my Lord and Savior.

The encounter was right after I woke up in a fit of anger. At first I dove right into the problem, swinging and kicking, thinking of what I should have said and should have done at the time, muttering profanities under my breath. Then, when I realized I was losing the battle yet again, I got this idea to ask Jesus for his help. I explained what was going on and that I was the victim and needed his help. What happened next was pretty amazing. That problem dissipated and in no time at all I was lying back down and dozing off to sleep.

What a great idea I had. Why didn’t I think of it a long time ago. I had heard talk about The Holy Spirit but I had no idea where he fit into the grand scheme of things. The only things I understood was God is the creator and Jesus is our Savior. I figured that I had discovered all on my own that the way to beat these Satin antagonized bouts of anger was for me to remember to ask Jesus to help me. I’m not sure who tipped me off that it was not me that thought to go to Christ for help, but that it was actually The Holy Spirit that gave me the idea and prompted me to stop fighting and leave it for Jesus to battle it out. He is my shepherd and protector.

It must have been the better part of the first two years of my becoming a Christian before I stopped trying to deal with my sleep time anger problems on my own. Then realizing that to avoid defeat all I had to do was run to Jesus and let him settle the score. No one has ever accused me of having a thin cranium. There’s some pretty dense bone and matter up there that makes it pretty difficult for knowledge and experience, to break through and take up residency.

At about the two and half year mark as a Christian I had finally learned that The Holy Spirit was a gift from Jesus and that he actually lived right inside of me. I had begun to communicate with him one on one, and prayed, and gave thanks to him right along with Abba and Jesus. The Holy Spirit has taught me to recognize when I am under attack and when Satin has begun throwing old wounds at me. When I fail to react right away The Holy Spirit gives me a nudge. I’ve learned to not even try to resist, but to run straight to Jesus immediately.

Psalms 139: 23-24 NLT : Search me, Oh God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life.

Up to a point I was always on the defense, reacting to Satin’s ploys. At some point the Holy Spirit turned the tables and we became the offense. I would pray to The Holy Spirit to dig out a piece of garbage that was lingering around inside me. He lived in me and who would know better the gunk that was in there than he. I would ask that he bring to my attention the pieces of baggage that he knew I would be able to handle. Those old unforgiven hurts were dragged out of the closets and presented to me, often in the middle of the night or early pre waking hours. I would wake up, realize what they were and take them to Jesus. I would pray with Jesus that I forgive this person for doing that to me, pray for healing in that person and then mentally with Jesus we would fold up that hurt, tie it up secure and we would throw it in the furnace and watch it burn until there was nothing left but ashes.

One day I tried to remember the hurts that had been tossed out. I planned to count them up and see how many we had gotten rid of. I could not for the life of me remember what the hurts were that we had tossed away. When Jesus takes on a sin it is washed away forever, once and for all.  It is hard to imagine that I had carried all that excess baggage, some of it for decades. Some of it was so old and so insignificant now that I had to laugh at the immaturity of it. How much needless stress did I put myself through by not forgiving these hurts at the time? How much energy and how much of my life have I wasted carrying all this unnecessary waste?

The Holy Spirit has done some serious housecleaning in me. He did not just dig out my hurt feelings but also grudges, jealousy and wrongs that I did to others and never apologized for (OUCH!) This housecleaning exercise is still underway to this day. I hate to admit it but there are still sins so embedded inside that it may be a while yet before they’re dislodged. Wounds and sins so painful that I have made up lies to cover them and to deal with them. Lies that I’ve convinced myself are true. Lies that I have convinced some of my nearest and dearest friends are true. For me, it is very important that I am able to present myself new to my friends and as clean as possible and new to the Lord.

I know Jesus washed the slate clean with his precious blood some two thousand years ago and I am not trying to buy my way into heaven because we cannot. With the help of The Holy Spirit and Jesus I can take a load of heavy weights off and live a much freer life that I am sure pleases our Father in heaven.  

Romans 6:13 NLT : Do not let any part of your body become an instrument of evil to serve sin. Instead, give yourself completely to God, for you were dead, but now you have new life. So use your whole body as an instrument to do what is right for the glory of God.

Before I Write

I truly aim to lay myself bare before everyone who sorts through this site. Anyone reading my post will come to have a pretty good idea of who I was, who I am and where I’m going. It is my hope that readers will be able to watch me grow in Christ. I’m a newbie at only 3 years old now. No doubt there will be many ups and downs, successes and failures, and stalemates such as I am in now. Over all I pray everyone will see a steady incline but who knows what you’ll see.

I don’t know that anyone has ever charted the growth of a Christian before. I believe that it has to start with complete honesty on my part. Let me testify here and now that it is not as easy as you might think. It would be simple if I could be guaranteed that no one I knew would ever find this website because  there are lies that I have told to cover up the deepest, darkest areas in my life. Lies that I have told so often they have become reality in my mind and some of my best friends have accepted them as the truth. Now! I risk losing them or at the very least disappointing them severely.  

I can’t do this on my own; I have to have the support of our heavenly Father, our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ and the inward coaxing of the Holy Spirit. Otherwise I’ll just paint another pretty picture of myself, pretend everything is rosy and bright and show you what a wonderful person I am.

 Before I start every posting, I pray three and sometimes four prayers. The first goes something like this.

I tell Abba, I am not blogging for myself but for Him and I ask Abba to refine me with each new post, ranking me as He sees fit. I ask to be put to good use or to suffering, for Him. I ask that I be allowed to post for Him or to be put aside and used for another purpose. I plead to be lifted high but only for Him or to be brought down low, also for Him. I tell Him to do with me and each post whatever He will knowing that He knows what is best.

I pray that God will not let me strive to fill this website but to submit thoughtfully and to genuinely care what I post rather than compete with other sites. I ask for help to seek holiness and not hits on this site.  I confess that I would rather be a follower than have followers.  

My ambition is to fill the website with Abba’s character and grace but keep as low a profile of myself as possible. I pray extensively on this because the site is about me but I ask for help to always exalt Him and humbly place myself below His feet. I pray for the strength to not seek anything from this world but to continually crave all that He is. I pray that all my words will be worthy for Him to read, and express that He is enough. He is the only one I need to please.

 I ask that the Holy Spirit help me to write for Christ smile and not for subscribers and that my daily declaration, not the size of my audience be the certainty of my redemption. I ask that the uncountable graces received from Christ be my identity and never the number of comments I may receive. I pray that the only words I upload are the truth and what I have lived.

I offer to God Almighty ever word, every sentence, every title and every post, every comment or no comment, all to His pleasure and perfect will. Then I confess to Jesus that my only fame is that I bear His name. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. My only Glory is the gift of His grace. The only true readership I seek is His eyes wandering the earth searching to and fro for a heart that is hard after his. I beg Him to make all of this so.

I say, Yawweh, You alone are my God, nothing else receives my love like the love I have for you. I say, Jesus you alone are my savior, I look no further than you. I say Holy Spirit, you alone are my comforter, nothing else can bring me the comfort that you do.

I ask that this prayer will stand today, yesterday and for every post to come. This is my prayer and I wish for it to be legalized in heaven. Amen

Although every prayer I pray is vastly different as I elaborate a little or a lot on each of the points above, the main structure of my prayers before writing each and every blog post, follow Ann Voskamp’s “Bloggers Prayer” A very special thanks to you, Ann. Your prayer helps me to stay focused, remain humble and address every point. It keeps it in my mind where I stand and who God is. Praise God.   

My Dog Ginger

Ginger is a Cocker Spaniel mix. She was rescued by a friend from a basket full of forcibly weaned puppies.  Stolen away from her mother, hand selected by a human and separated from her brothers and sisters. She was abducted if you will and taken to a strange new home where there were no other dogs. For her, what a dreadful day it was. It all began with a simple day trip, ironically to Parque de la Madre (Mother’s Park), Cuenca, Ecuador.

My friend’s wife named this new cute bundle of joy, Lollipop. Lollipop required a lot of care. She was not on solid food so had to be patiently introduced to bread and milk. Lollipop had to be taught to chew and lap up her food rather than suck it from a teat. Potty training was a full time job.

Now, my friend and his wife were getting on in their years as we all are and after suffering through numerous sleepless nights of howls and whining, uncountable potty runs, followed up with specialty meal preparations and lots of coaxing, it all proved somewhat unmanageable.

I had only met Lollipop on one occasion before being asked to consider the possibility of adopting her. I discussed the offer to adopt with my roommate and it was decided that she would be a welcome member of the household.

Thank goodness we were told that we could rename her. I dreaded having to take Lollipop for walks and having to call her name out in public. Not a very suiting name that a man would give to his dog. Lollipop became Jengibre, Spanish for Ginger, the color of her fur.

Ginger was truly a rescued puppy and so fortunate to be alive with a long life ahead of her. On the second day I had her we attended a veterinarian appointment. She was started on a health maintenance program with follow up appointments that would make sure she was always in top health. Soon afterwards we discovered that she was absolutely loaded with intestinal worms. I feared for the lives of the other pups as well as the mother.  

To bring this run on story to a point. I believe that God was behind all of this. You see, I was not a follower of God or Jesus. I knew about them but I had no relationship with them, nor did I need one. I have always done as I wished when I wished, until now. It seems that the time had come for God’s master plan for my life to be set into action. God would use Ginger to help ease me in to Jesus who would then work his magic on my heart.

God works in mysterious ways. Little did I know that our Father in heaven had been busy behind the scenes and all that I had ever known, done and worked for was about to come crashing down. Ginger was to be a big part of my recovery and transformation. Our father does not work the way we think He should. He works the way that He knows will be the best for everyone. God used my friend to rescue Ginger and knew that He would also have my friend gift Ginger to me at just the right moment in time to help me to turn to Jesus who would in turn rescue me. My friend and his wife would still be able to enjoy Ginger as we were very close friends. Visitation rights would not be an issue.   

When you’re broken and buried in fear and despair. When you’re pushed down as low as you can possibly be and hope does not exist, I’ll tell you from experience, what will happen. You’ll want to be alone so that you can do the one thing society says that you cannot. You’ll crawl to your bed possibly taking with you something that may provide any little bit of comfort. (Ginger, in my case). You begin a pity party and you start to sob.  Your sobs turn to out and out crying and the tears will flow like Niagara Falls.

Once you realize there is no way out of this mess and you cannot save yourself this time. Once you realize there’s nowhere to turn and no one to turn to, there is only one option left. You cry out to God, you cry out to Jesus, you get on your knees and you beg for mercy and grace. It does not matter how much you refused to believe or how much you rejected the idea of there even being a God, a single creator of everything that exist. You’ll now believe from your heart what you have known to be true all along. You have no other choice.

This is not how we should come to God. Unfortunately, it is how many relationships with God start. How is that? Using God as an absolute last resort, after you have used up every possible option and tried everything else. Thank God, He is merciful, patient and forgiving. If you were to come to me as an absolute last hope, things could have a different outcome for you. I want to be like God but I am not.   

What do you do when someone’s hurting? Do you tell them don’t cry, everything will be okay. “NO! It won’t!” Do you tell them, you’ll get over it. “No! I won’t!” Maybe you can suggest that you know how  they are feeling. “No! You do not!” Here is what you do. You do what Ginger did. Absolutely nothing! You sit with the person quietly and you don’t say a word. Job 2:13 NIV Be humble, patient and gentle Ephesians 4:2 NIV and let them know you are feeling their hurt with them. Cry along with them.  When one member of the family is hurting the whole family hurts together.

Ginger was so patient and so quite. Although she was just a four month old puppy and I only had her a couple of weeks, she had studied me well. Ginger knew my upbeat happy demeanor and she knew this new emotion was not right. She related my pain and tears to her own. The day she was taken from her mother and siblings. You could see the empathy in her face.

This day, Ginger was my landing pad. The first of many uses God has had for her in my life to date.

Ponder This – Easter Weekend

Sin entered the human race through Adam, and the human race has been trying without success to get rid of it ever since. And, short of that, mankind has been seeking in vain to reverse the curse. The Bible teaches that God warned Adam before he sinned that if he ate of the tree of knowledge he would surely die. The Bible also tells us that God instructed Adam and Eve to be fruitful and to multiply and to replenish the earth. But although they had been created in the image of God, after the Fall Adam and Eve gave birth to children after their own likeness and image. Consequently Cain and Abel were infected with the death-dealing disease of sin, which they inherited from their parents and which has been passed on to every generation since. We are all sinners by inheritance, and try as we will, we cannot escape our birthright.

We have resorted to every means to win back the position that Adam lost. We have tried through education, through philosophy, through religion, through governments to throw off our yoke of depravity and sin. We have sought to accomplish with our sin-limited minds the things that God intended to do with the clear vision that can only come from on high. Our motives have been good and some of our attempts have been commendable, but they have all fallen far, far short of the goal. All our knowledge, all our inventions, all our developments and ambitious plans move us ahead only a very little before we drop back again to the point from which we started. For we are still making the same mistake that Adam made – we are still trying to be king in our own right, and with our own power, instead of obeying God’s laws….

Man’s only salvation from sin stands on a lonely, barren, skull-shaped hill: a thief hangs on one cross, a murderer on another, and between them, a Man with a crown of thorns….

And who is this tortured figure, who is this Man who other men seek to humiliate and kill? He is the son of God, the Prince of Peace, heaven’s own appointed Messenger to the sin-ridden earth.

Who inflicted this hideous torture upon the Man who came to teach us love? You did and I did, for it was for your sin and my sin that Jesus was nailed to the cross….

But sin overreached itself on the cross. Man’s hideous injustice that crucified Christ became the means that opened the way for man to become free. Sin’s masterpiece of shame and hate became God’s masterpiece of mercy and forgiveness. Through the death of Christ upon the cross, sin itself was crucified for those who believe in Him. Sin was conquered on the cross. His death is the foundation of our hope, the promise of our triumph! Christ bore in His own body on the tree the sins that shackle us. He died for us and rose again. He proved the truth of all God’s promises to man; and if you will accept Christ by faith today, you, can be forgiven for your sins. You can stand secure and free in the knowledge that through the love of Christ your soul is cleansed of sin and saved from damnation.

[From Peace with God by Billy Graham] (Nov.7, 1918-Feb.21, 2018)

Is there a reoccurring sin that you enjoy? Before it brings judgment upon you turn away from it, repent and ask for Jesus’ help.   

Who’s the Numbskull?

This year I’m reading the Bible in chronological order. I read Genesis 1-11, jumped ahead and read the 42 chapters in the Book of Job, then jumped back again to finish Genesis on to the end. After this all of Exodus, Leviticus, and into Numbers until the end of chapter 15 where I leaped forward and read Psalm 90 and then back to Numbers 16 and on into Deuteronomy, where I am now.

Who on earth decided the layout of all of the books of the Bible and why are they arranged the way they are?

Exodus is a Greek word meaning departure and in this book we see Moses under instruction from God leading the Israelite’s out of Egypt after being subjected to generations of slavery.

They began a two and a half month trip to a land promised by God to their forefathers. Because the Israelite’s were stubborn, rebellious and slow to learn, God stretched it out into a 40 year trek. It took this long for those knuckleheads to get it through their thick sculls just who God is and that all they had to do was obey, trust and believe in Him.

 I followed along and read about all the complaints and bellyaching these wimps were doing. God keeps performing miracles and these numbskulls just aren’t getting it.  I’m shaking my head and saying to myself, what’s with these idiots, why are they so blind? They’re never going to get to the Promised Land because they’re too immature, have no respect, no gratitude, and they’re selfish and self-righteous.

This was right about when I realized that I too have been being led on a journey. Why have I been so blind? What’s wrong with me that I have failed to know God and see how He has been leading me? How many times have I bellyached rather than learn the lesson laid out for me? Before pointing and scoffing at the Israelite’s I had better clean up my own act. The fact is, I’m just as guilty or more of being selfish, self-righteous, unforgiving, unloving, greedy, ungrateful, and disrespectful. I’m the king knucklehead of all numbskulls. I’m such a blind slow learner that I have been on my journey fifty years and counting, and I still haven’t reached my destination.  I too am being delivered from a life of slavery. A slavery, under the rein of Satin and the values of today’s world.

Currently I am reading the book of Deuteronomy. Here, Moses is reiterating God’s laws and drawing attention to each of God’s lessons and miracles. Moses is establishing God’s promises and His curses, should they disobey. Finally the Israelite’s will venture into their land. They know the conditions and the consequences.  

Am I in my own present day book of Deuteronomy? Have I finally reached my destination? Does God feel that I am ready to go forward? 

I hope so, but it’s all up to Him. I’m excited to see what’s next. 

Can You Be Bought? Are You For Sale?

How would you like to be bought and sold? Treated as a commodity, an object, or a possession? How would it make you feel if someone bought you right this instant, took you home and right in front of you started ironing out the details of the plans they have for you?

If you’re anything like me, you’re saying to yourself, “no way, I’m not for sale.” You don’t buy people, they’re not for sale, and they can’t be bought.  “Oh yes they are,” and “Oh yes they can!” 

Sadly, The Canadian Press reported in July 2018 the results of a StatsCan survey. Between 2009 and 2016, the police were aware of 865 human trafficking victims. 95% were female, 72% were under the age of 25, and 25% were children all bought and sold like pets. The average cost of a slave globally is $90.00. Today, there are 20 to 30 million slaves in the world. A US State Department reported that from 600,000 to 800,000 people are sold across international borders annually. Approximately 14,500 to 17,500 of those enter into the USA annually. At 32 billion dollars a year, trafficking is the 3rd largest worldwide industry.

But now again just like me you’re saying well, I’m not worried because no one wants me. I don’t have anything of value that anyone would want. I’m too old, I’m too weak, I don’t have the looks I once had. I’m just of no value at all, to anyone.   “Oh yes you are!”

Satin wants you, and he’ll do whatever he has to do to take possession of you! He’s persistent, and he never gives up trying, day or night, all year long. 1 Peter 5:8 (NIV)

We’re not for sale, but we have each sold ourselves out to Satin. How much did we receive? Nothing, and Satin loves it! He does not love us, in fact he despises us. What he loves is that each of us has joined him in Hell for all of eternity.

Oh no, not me, not you, well let’s just take a little test.

In your own mind, honestly answer these questions concerning yourself.

  1. How many lies have you told in your lifetime? Little white lies. Remember, not telling the whole truth and holding back, is lying.  Oh oh!
  2. Have you ever stolen something? As a child, a candy, a piece of gum or a coin, maybe you snuck a cookie. As a teenager or adult, have you ever downloaded illegally, music or movies?  Oh oh!
  3. Have you ever lusted over a woman or a man? In Matthew 5:28 Jesus says, if you lust over someone, you have committed adultery in your heart. Oh oh!
  4. Here’s a really serious one. Have you ever taken the Lord’s name in vein?  Cussing with the Lord’s name in the same sentence or using this very common phrase in its full form. OMG! Oh oh!
  5. Ahh! But at least you’ve never killed anyone. God says if you express hatred toward anyone you are guilty of murder in your heart.  Matthew 5:22   Oh oh!

Every one of us has just failed half of our Creator’s commandments?

How many of us will admit to committing idolatry. Do any of these sound familiar? Well, my God would never allow this or that. My God thinks that this is okay. I don’t think that my god would agree. I think that God wants me to do this. What we have done here is we have made our own god to worship. A god that meets our own criteria, one that allows us to do what we want and think. This is idolatry.  Oh oh!

Now wait just a minute here, you say! We didn’t realize that what we were doing was wrong. We were tricked. Well try telling that to the judge when you’re standing in the court room. Surely you don’t think a judge is going to say, “Oh, okay you can go home now.” “Sorry for the inconvenience.”

No! I think that you will have to agree that ignorance is no excuse. Leviticus 4:2 We’re going to be judged and penalized. Romans 2:16 Our God is pure, perfect, and sinless. He wants us to be part of His family in Heaven where there is no sin. Sin cannot be allowed in Heaven, or else, well, Heaven just wouldn’t be Heaven, would it?

When we find ourselves standing before God in His courtroom, what will His verdict be? Will we be found guilty or innocent? Oh oh!

Will we pass on to Heaven or are we destined for Hell?   Oh oh!

Thank goodness for us, that our God is a great, good and loving god. He could have just created a family for himself and placed them directly into Heaven but He desires more than that. He wants us, His family, to want Him and to choose Him.

Oh man! How it must shatter His heart to watch us flock over to Satin. Thank goodness once again, that God’s love for us is so great that he devised a plan where we can be bought, purchased, and owned. All we have to do is believe in Him.

Where Satin values us at nothing, God says each one of us is priceless.

How much are we worth? How much is God willing to pay? We are so valuable to God that he devised a plan exchanging the life of His one and only son, for ours. John 3:16 There has never been a price paid higher than the price Christ paid for us. He paid the ultimate price by dying on the cross, taking the punishment for our sins and all we have to do is believe in Christ, repent our sins and commit the rest of our lives to Jesus.

Yes, we can be bought. Yes, we can be sold! Yes, we can be owned!

I am owned by Jesus. Who owns you?

One Season And Into The Next – Part Two

The way I see it, is God figures that after my studying the Bible, daily for the past almost three years, it’s high time for me to start sharing the wealth of information He has given me with as many others as I can. So now the question is, HOW. How in tarnation am I to do that when I can’t go to church or visit friends and family to speak with them? I can’t go shopping, walk in the downtown or thru a mall to share with the people there. I can’t get a job and share with co-workers because I am trapped here without transportation. The one thing I do have at my disposal here is the internet and thank you Lord for that, otherwise, a rope and noose might start looking pretty interesting to me. So how can I share God’s word? E-mail everyone in my contact list and tell them the good news about Jesus Christ. I don’t see that working out all too well. Randomly send e-mails to businesses, nah! Post my feelings on Facebook maybe?

Now I recall that one-word message, the one that I believed came to me from God, months ago. “Blog!” So I suppose I am to start up a website and blog about my experiences, new discoveries, interesting facts, beliefs and how it has all changed me.

After a lot of praying, asking friends I trust, what they think about the idea and searching for information about blogging, I’m going for it. I haven’t the foggiest idea what I’m doing. That became very apparent almost instantly, but I’ve got the time to learn. God has made sure of that. Good thing too! HostPapa, is a Toronto based website server and they claim you can have a website up and running in five minutes. I have a gazillion notes to share so what’s stopping me, right?

I bought this website plan on January 3rd and I’m still trying to figure out all the widgets and what they do. Mostly, I have figured out what they can’t do. Heck, did you even know that a widget is actually a tool? I sure didn’t. I used several different widgets before I figured out I can put widgets inside other widgets. Too bad, there’s not a widget that can find everything I spent hours upon hours creating, only to have it all just up and disappear.

I would now like to draw to your attention and offer up my thanks to a very good friend of mine, Juan. Without his expertise and hours upon hours of unpaid service to this site, this website would never have come about. Today the website is finalized and officially posted. We are pleased with the layout, the appearance and the features. We are also confident that we can submit blogs regularly and maintain the site here on out. 

One Season And Into The Next (Part one)

For the past five years I have lived in Cuenca, Ecuador. This block of time, I believe was just one of several stages or seasons in my life that our Father in heaven has planned out for me.  My life took several giant steps forward during this season. I adopted the first dog I have ever owned. (the significance of this, well, that’s for another blog.) It was in Ecuador where I was turned back and surrendered myself to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. In Cuenca, I developed several very high quality friendships. I started to attend church regularly and began studying “The Holy Bible,” seriously. Months before returning to Canada a very hurtful broken family relationship was restored. In Ecuador, I matured and my character was changed for the better. I discovered Hope, Trust and Faith for the first time in a long, long time and I learned how to Forgive. I’m convinced that on more than one occasion I was spoken to by God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit. I also believe that I was directed to leave Ecuador and move back to Canada.

What does God have planned for me in this new season? Well! I’m really not too sure but here is what has happened and is happening right now.

While still in Ecuador my daughter suggested that she could sure use some help and wanted to know if I would move in with her when I returned. She was running herself ragged going back to school, holding a part-time job and caring for her daughter on her own. I agreed that I would be willing to help her out. (God just provided me with a home)  Now, at that time my daughter was living in London, a city with a population of 334,000. A month before moving in with my daughter and granddaughter, she moved out of the city and into a small village.

Here in this little hiccup on the highway between nowhere and somewhere, I find myself with no phone, no television, no shopping, no church, no restaurants, no coffee shops, no barber, and no buses or taxis by which to escape. There are roughly fifty houses here, two of which used to be churches. Thursday mornings are the most exciting time of the week and I look forward to them because the garbage truck comes by and picks up the garbage. I get to wave at the driver/sorter/compacter/collector man.

When everyone is off to work and school, the one thing I do have, is a lot of time, a lot of time alone, a lot of time to think and a lot of time to ponder and muse. Time to consider things, like the relevancy of why. Why am I here? Why am I alive and why does my heart still tick? Why so imprisoned? Why so isolated?

Here’s what I figure. God brought me out of Ecuador and plunked me down here in metropolitan Shedden. Yes, the place actually has a name. For a month and a half, I lazed around rested and ate myself up 2 sizes before I started to think about the WHY. Obviously it was to bring me to a point where for lack of anything else to do, I would ponder, analyze, pray, figure and muse about my life more deeply than ever before. But now the question becomes WHAT. What can I do to fight off boredom? What do I do to keep from fading away? What is my purpose for living?